In this weeks podcast I share awesome tip for catching grouper using planers. This tip was provided by Good Karma Sportfishing podcast listener that is the master of catching groupers on the troll. Awesome podcast with lots of little tips, so listen closely.

Appreciate ratings and reviews on Apple.  Thank you to all of you who have been taking the time to do that.   I will continue to give shout outs when I see reviews.

Also released my first video course- Chum Ball Mix How To Video

I will be adding more courses to this site regularly along with the gear I use and recommend (which is an affiliate site).

Updates will be posted 1st in the FB Group- Good Karma Sportfishing Podcast.  I encourage you to join that group (it is private) and also post questions there.  It’s been great hearing fishing reports, tips and ideas from other anglers as well.

Thanks for listening!