Florida Keys Patch Reef Fishing

Patch reefs are smaller miniature reefs that are found nearshore. The Florida Keys outer reef shelters the inner patch reefs from the full force of oceanic conditions therefore allowing these small, isolated patch reefs to thrive nearshore. The Key Largo patch reefs are excellent fishing spots especially during the winter and early spring.  The patch reefs fish the best on days when it is windy and the water is murky, large mutton snappers and groupers hunt these shallower patch reefs on cold and windy days when the water is clarity is not the best looking for an easy meal.

A good option for days when we cannot travel outside the reef due to unfavorable sea conditions is to fish nearshore patch reef. Another patch reef windy day advantage has been our Seakeeper 2. It basically shuts down the 15 knot days on the patch reefs into crazy comfortable fun for my clients now.

Anchor fishing on the patch reefs now feels like fishing from the dock. Not to mention getting to and from the spot with ease in gusty breeze as Seakeeper works wonders while underway to and from the patch reef fishing spots.  Learn more about how the Seakeeper 2 works at https://www.seakeeper.com.  Check out the December 2018 issue of Florida Sportsman Magazine, we were the feature article https://goodkarmasportfishing.com/florida-sportsman-article-2018.pdf

The patches reefs are isolated coral heads, rubble and rock piles located in depths of 10-30ft surrounded by sand rings and seagrass beds.

Below is a list of fish species that we may catch on the Patch Reefs.

  • Mangrove Snapper
  • Mutton Snapper
  • Cobia
  • Porgy
  • Sharks
  • Small Grouper
  • Hogfish
  • Yellowtail Snapper