Capt. Ryan Van Fleet

About Capt. Ryan Van Fleet

My Background: Just like many guides in the Keys I have been fishing my whole life, but I started in IL fishing the little lake down the street sitting on a bucket. My parents had to come looking for me with their flashlight at night to come home.  Since I grew up fishing the lakes and rivers in IL, WI and MN I understand the importance of light tackle as well as having a great vacation. When I met my wife, I told her “I don’t know if I will love anything as much as fishing” (and she still married me – she’s nuts!).
My name is Captain Ryan. My goal is for you to have the best possible experience with me fishing in the beautiful Florida Keys. Or if you listen to my podcast or sign up for my free weekly newsletter learn some tips so you can maximize your fishing trips- have fun and catch big fish!
My Mission: I fish a lot – which is probably an understatement.  And I am always researching, learning and trying new tips, tricks and gear.  The gear I share will always be stuff I use (sponsor or no-sponsor) you have my word. And when you book with me – you get me – no mates, I don’t use your fishing time to catch bait and no tower. Just hard-core fishing.

It’s All Good,
Captain Ryan