Want to Go Fishing?

Hi!  I’m Capt. Ryan – Good Karma Sportfishing. Are you planning a Key Largo, Islamorada or Tavenier fishing charter experience?  Do you love fishing as much as I do?  Some clients say I’m obsessed.  Or, are you itching to target big saltwater fish for the first time?  Well, I specialize in offering high quality private fishing charters in The Upper Keys – which includes Key Largo, Tavernier and Islamorada.

I take extreme pride in offering a high end charter fishing experience. We are based at Tavernier Creek Marina and provide first class fishing gear, electronics and a customized charter boat.

Good Karma does not work with a fishing mate.  You will get to reel in your own fish which makes your experience so much more fun. When you book with Good Karma Sportfishing, you will not get a booking agent.  I will be the one taking your reservation and taking you fishing for the day. I like to target big fish and go the distance on every trip to find one or many!

I look forward to fishing with you in the Florida Keys.

Whenever You’re Fishing – It’s All Good!

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Did you know that I also offer:

  • Private 1:1 Coaching:
    • Recreational
    • Charter Captains
  • Sponsorship/Advertising on my podcast, blog or Good Karma Sportfishing App
  • Blogging services to promote your business
  • Monthly membership group- Good Karma Rigging Crew where we share tips and ideas.
  • Online courses
  • Professional Speaker

Email me for more details and a conversation.

Good Karma offers private fishing charter trips (no open boat or split charters).

We are limited to 4 people (2 adults max) and do not carry a fishing mate.

I cater to all levels of fishing experience and work very hard at making sure your Florida Keys fishing charter is action packed and I especially enjoy working with beginning anglers and families from all over the world.

Capt. Ryan Van Fleet has been featured in Florida Sportsman magazine June 2018, December 2018 and December 2019.  He was also featured in Salt Water Sportsman in December 2020.

June 2018

Dec. 2018

Dec. 2020

Good Karma Sportfishing Podcasts

    • What are you going to get? Lots of tips, conversations with other anglers and/or clients, fishing topics such as weather, gear reviews and even mistakes.
    • When? I aim for every Wednesday, however it may vary due to my fishing schedule.
    • Why? Why not- Fishing is fun and quite frankly a necessary escape for a lot of anglers- me included.  My podcasts are meant to withstand so you can go back and listen and try tips again or quite frankly just have something else to listen.
    • Connect? Would like to hear from you as well so feel free to reach out- Facebook, Instagram or email me. goodkarmaryan@gmail.com
    • My goal is to help you, “Leave the small fish for the boat behind you.”


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The Easy Way to Catch Mutton Snappers

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Client Reviews/Testimonials

The Best Fishing Charter In Key Largo

I’ve been coming down to the Keys for years, and have fished with a number of guides over this time. It was around 2012 when I first fished with Captain Ryan aboard the Good Karma, and he’s been my go to guide since.  During my recent trip to the keys I spent two days fishing with Capt. Ryan. On our first day we were joined by my 12-year-old daughter, and on the second it was just Capt. Ryan and me.

Jeff from VT


I’ve been fishing all my life so when I came to the Key Largo for the first time I knew I couldn’t leave without doing some fishing. I chose Capt. Ryan based on a recommendation from a local tackle shop and not only did he put me on the fish, we had an excellent time as well. He has excellent knowledge of the fishery, a great feel for changing conditions and the ability to put the two together to make things happen.

Scott from NY

Capt. Ryan is truly are a remarkable charter captain, this was my second charter with him. This time around I brought my long time friends for a guys weekend. I consider Capt. Ryan the “King of the Snapper Fishing” as his techniques are something you will not on Sportfishing TV show or magazine, best yet he will teach you every detail about his style of fishing during the trip. On this trip my friends and I caught a box full of quality Mutton Snappers.

Marcos from Miami



Charter Rates

The Best Key Largo Fishing Charters

*Effective immediately, due to gas and supply prices, if you choose to pay by credit card we have to add a credit card fee.
The credit card prices are:
6 hour day $950.00
8 hour day $1250.00

*No fuel charges
*Passengers: Max 2 adults or 2 adults/2 children (16 and under) Because of the drastic increase in marine fuel prices I can no longer take 3 adults, no exceptions.

Booking and Cancellation Policy: We may require a valid credit card to hold your charter, but we don’t bill your card prior to the charter or withhold a deposit. If you cancel the night before the charter, morning of, or do not show up we will bill you the full amount of the charter.  To make a reservation please email me at goodkarmaryan@gmail.com. I will return your email within in 24 hours. After you get your confirmation from me via email. I ask all my clients to text me at 305-619-2126 or email me at goodkarmaryan@gmail.com 3-5 days prior to the fishing trip. At this time I will have an idea on what the weather forecast looks like and what provide you with a fishing report. 

The tropics is seeing an increase in easterly winds more so than 5 years ago, with that being said I will not take the reservation unless the client is flexiable and willing to have fun fishing the shallow patch reefs.  Mother nature does not care about us when it comes to our vacations and fishing schedules. Best to book a date and lower your expectations. When you check out my fish gallery page you will see that my business is built on on regular clients, you will see more regular clients on my page than any other fishing business in the Florida Keys, there is a reason for that.

I am always honest about the weather and just want you to have fun. Please keep in mind that I am fisherman and not a magician.  Most captains do not care and will take your money, I care. I will be honest about the weather and the fishing, it may not be want you want to hear, but that is how I operate my Florida Keys fishing charter business. 

Good Karma does not penalize clients if we cancel due to the weather or mechanical issues. They are both for safety reasons, things I cannot control and never a fun discussion. I love to fish and work with my clients. If the weather looks horrible, I will call you in well in advance to discuss your options. I will work to reschedule your charter, if it is not possible then I will cancel the charter with no penalty. I am not responsible to find a replacement charter for you, even though I do refer you to other marinas. I am also not responsible for the cost of your vacation or time off work. Again, it is never a fun discussion for me as I love fishng and look forward to taking my clients. I do realize most people are award of this (99.9%) and I appreciate that. Thank you!

Tipping the Captain: A 20% cash tip is very much appreciated.

Important Information about Good Karma Sportfishing 

Charter fishing is more than just a job for me. I love everything about it including getting to meet and  fish with new people from all over the world, every year I look forward to seeing my regular clients who have become part of my fishing family. I do belive in very upfront with new clients so I have provided as much information as I can.

Prior to booking new clients are required to read and agree to all boat rules and fishing policies. The fishing charter industry is changing especially in the Florida Keys so I have to make some changes and make sure my policies are very transparent for new clientThese can be found on my FAQs page.

The use of any GPS or any type of cellular tracking phones is considered stealing from Good Karma Sportfishing. These devices are not allowed on the boat.  A dry box will be provided for your personal belongings as well.  

Most importantly, leave the bad attitudes at home.

If you have knee or back problems I highly recommend sourcing another charter operation for backcountry fising.