Good Karma Sportfishing Podcasts

    • What are you going to get? Lots of tips, conversations with other anglers and/or clients, fishing topics such as weather, gear reviews and even mistakes.
    • When? Every week depending on my schedule (and it’s Free). Also keep in touch with me for my blog updates as they will provide a lot of valuable information to help you improve on the water. They may also have gear and product reviews.
    • Why? Why not- Fishing is fun and quite frankly a necessary escape for a lot of anglers- me included.  My podcasts are meant to withstand so you can go back and listen and try tips again or quite frankly just have something else to listen.
    • Connect? Would like to hear from you as well so feel free to reach out- Facebook, Instagram or email me.
    • My goal is to help you, “Leave the small fish for the boat behind you.”

Florida Sargassum Bloom Size of the United States-CNN Media vs Reality ?

  In this podcast I talk about the South Florida sargassum CNN news media reports vs. what we are actually seeing present day. If you would like to really learn about the South Florida sargassum ocean movements, where it is coming from and how to monitor it on your own then you need to read the following blog: South Florida Sargassum Problem Thank you for listening! Capt Ryan Interested in connecting further? IG is @goodkarmasportfishing_fl_keys Download the free Good Karma Sportfishing App on Google or Apple. Website is Fishing blog...

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Fishing for Mental Health, Support, Money w/ Melinda Van Fleet

Powerful episode with my wife Melinda Van Fleet, certified life & business coach/mentor and consultant. Also now adding energy work to her practice.
We talk about supporting each other through our business/entrepreneurial journeys since 2009.
Fishing for mental health, mindset, relationships, limiting beliefs, intuition, money, happiness, energy, Ahai 7D energy and more…

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The Best Kept Fishing Secret

  In this podcast I go into depth about the best kept fishing secret as well as predicting tailing conditons and more. Learn how to predict tailing condtions for epic Florida Keys fishing. Are you having problems with finding a replacement hook for a trolling plug? Make sure to read my recent blog as I go into depth about hooks and the ones I am currently using vs. years past. Thanks for listening. Capt. Ryan

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Fishy Energy w/ Melinda Van Fleet

  Monthly joint podcast with my wife Melinda Van Fleet. What is a contrarian? Melinda Googled it: "A person who opposes or rejects a popular opinion." In this Good Karma Sportfishing podcast episode we share our thoughts on this as we are both contrarians and some stories/examples. And you may be too. Thank you for listening and sharing! Connect with me at to book a charter or if interested in private coaching, Crew 1 or Crew 2. Courses are on the website. And download the Free Good Karma Sportfishing App on Google Play or Apple. IG is...

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Winter Time-African Pompano, Yellow Jacks and Mutton Snappers-Packed with Nuggets

Back to the orginal old school nugget style podcasts packed with information about how to catch African pompano, yellow jacks and mutton snapeprs. Talking about jigs, dead bait and live bait.  
Focus on public fishing numbers that hold these fish in the Upper Florida and Middle Florida Keys. I also talk about bait and more. Enjoy and I hope it helps you catch more fish this winter.

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The Secret to Catching Mutton Snappers

  Hey Guys- Thanks for listening to the podcast! I am really looking forward on launching Crew 2 based on the feedback and questions I see from the success of Crew 1. Here are the details for both Crew 1 and Crew 2. This is for recreational anglers only! There is a screening process to make sure you are a recreational angler. If someone isn’t honest during the process, they will be asked to leave. I have private coaching for even further fishing coaching which can be either recreational or charter/business coaching. Please email me if you are interested. Crew 1 launched in Oct. 2020...

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