Catch a Sailfish in the Florida Keys!

Our location at Tavernier Creek Marina ( places us in a premier sailfishing location. It is only a 10-15 minute boat ride from our dock to Conch Reef. Conch Reef is considered one of the top fishing spots in the world for sailfish.

The Challenge!

The sailfish is one of the fastest fish in the sea and can be extremely challenging to catch. We are set up for live bait trolling and kitefishing for sailfish. A sailfish will typically kill the bait and make a turn back around to eat it. When a sailfish strikes, the angler will put the reel into free spool, this dumps the spool of line quickly so the sailfish will not “feel the hook” or “pressure” from the line. This is technique is called the “dropback”. The dropback requires a 3-5 second count allowing the sailfish fish to eat the bait, then the angler engages the drag and the fight is on!

At the end of the day we will fly the upside down release flag for you from the rigger. If you wish to keep your Sailfish “release flag” we can make that happen. Always a great day when you get to fly a billfish release flag!