In this podcast I review 2 new products now available for pre-order from from The Ballyhoop.

The ChummyHoop – Collapsible Self-Cleaning Chum Hoop-Cost is $99.00

Ships: Mid February

Product Launch at the 2020 Miami International Boat Show

The ChummyHoop is a next-generation chum bag / net. It’s simple patent pending design that allows it to collapse for easy storage and rubber netting lets it practically clean it self with a few shakes when empty in the water (always rinse with fresh water when back on land). Holds up to two 25lb. blocks of chum and floats by itself.


– Rubber Net That’s Easy To Clean

– Collapsible For Storage

– Custom Colored EVA Floats

The BallyHoop Flex Collapsible Hoop Net

Cost: $359.00

The BallyHoop Flex Collapsible Hoop Net is the newest addition to the BallyHoop collapsible hoop net product line. The Flex is collapsible just like our other models, but the Flex can fold into itself and when stored, goes into a 2 foot round carrying case for even easier storage.


  • 4ft. Diameter
  • 4ft. Net Depth
  • 1/4 Inch Mesh Net
  • Rod diameter 5 mm
  • Collapsed diameter: 24 inches
  • Bag Included