Wahoo Fishing-The Easiest Way to Catch a Wahoo | A Complete Guide to the Best Wahoo Lures

If you’re looking to learn how to catch a wahoo, the easiest way to catch a wahoo and the best wahoo trolling lure, you’ve come to the right place. When it comes to wahoo fishing, using an excellent wahoo trolling lure is essential for success. There are many types of wahoo lures on the market, so choosing the best one can be challenging. In this blog post, I will share tips on selecting the best wahoo trolling lure and share my #1 best wahoo trolling lure that will help you catch the big wahoo. But first, let’s take a quick look at what a wahoo is and how to identify one.  

Wahoo Fishing-The Complete Guide

September 2022 Good Karma Sportfishing

About Wahoo

Wahoos are pelagic fish found in tropical and subtropical waters around the world. They’re easy to identify thanks to their long, streamlined bodies and bright blue coloration. Wahoos can grow up to 6 feet in length and weigh up to 150 pounds, making them a prized catch for avid fishermen.

Where is The Best Wahoo Fishing

The best wahoo fishing in the world can be found during fall and early winter months in the Florida Keys.   The Florida Keys wahoo during the month of November average 30-40 pounds and many are over 70 pounds! Trolling at high speeds with slow, medium or fast moving wahoo lures is how you’ll catch the wahoo in the Florida Keys.

The Best High Speed Wahoo Lures are the ILander Flasher Series 

After all these years, the ILander continue to the best high speed wahoo lures on the market.  The Ilander brand is well-regarded in the Florida Keys fishing community for producing some of the best offshore trolling lures available. These lures are particularly favored by Florida Keys  anglers targeting wahoo either high speed trolling for wahoo or rigged over a ballyhoo while slow trolling for wahoo

The “flasher” aspect usually refers to models that incorporate bright, reflective, or holographic elements designed to catch light and mimic the flash of baitfish underwater. This can be incredibly effective in clear, open waters where visibility is high, and predators are attracted to the shimmering light, thinking it’s a baitfish.  My absolute favorite is the pink and blue Islander flasher rigged over a ballyhoo.  I purchase all my Islander Lures through the Tackle Room. The keep a good stock of these hard to find lures on hand during the Florida Keys wahoo season.

I highly recommend you arrive in the Keys with an arsenal of Islanders that you can skirt over medium size ballyhoo or rig for high speed fishing. If you don’t you may come home empty handed while the locals put a hurt on them. Locals love the leave the small fish for the newbies. Don’t let that be you!  Purchase your Islander Lures by clicking here or on the image below. Make sure to get this color!  A little secret, order a few with e-hair:)

The Best Islander Lures

Why ILander Flasher Lures Are Considered Among the Best for High-Speed Trolling:

  1. Durability: They are built to withstand the rigors of high-speed trolling and the powerful strikes from large wahoo.

  2. Attractiveness: The design and color patterns are optimized to attract big game fish. The flasher models add an extra element of attractiveness by mimicking the reflective flash of real baitfish.

  3. Versatility: While they excel at high-speed trolling, many anglers also find success with them at slower speeds for wahoo fishing or in various sea conditions, making them versatile additions to any wahoo fishing tackle arsenal.

  4. Hydrodynamics: The shape and weight distribution of these lures allow them to maintain stability and an attractive swimming action even at high speeds, which is crucial for eliciting strikes from wahoo.

  5. Reputation: The Ilander brand has a long-standing reputation for quality among serious wahoo fisherman. Their lures have been credited with numerous tournament wins and impressive catches around the globe, further cementing their status as being one the best Florida Keys fishing lures used for targeting wahoo.

How to Catch a Wahoo-The Complete Guide

Unfortunately, many wahoo anglers don’t realize that wahoo can suspend at different depths in the water column. Be aware that if you’re dragging a lure behind your boat on the surface, you might not be covering all the depths where the wahoo could be hanging out on that particular wahoo fishing trip. Therefore, to increase your chances of success, it’s essential to identify where in the water column wahoo are most likely to be. The easiest way to get a wahoo lure deep in the water column is to add a deep diving wahoo plug into your wahoo trolling spread. So whether you’re an experienced angler or just getting started, using a wahoo trolling plug is a great way to increase your chances of landing a big wahoo.

Check out this complete guide to catching wahoo in the Florida Keys.  I share a wahoo fishing tips and tactics that easily catch wahoo. 

Pro Tactics for Wahoo

Select Wahoo Lures with the Right Action 

When selecting the best deep diving wahoo fishing trolling lure swimming plugs, I’ve found that those wahoo trolling lures that generate vibration and are noise makers will often be more effective. The wahoo trolling lure swimming plug must also be engineered with the right “wiggle,” as wahoo does prefer a specific type of lure movement. Before purchasing a deep-diving trolling plug for wahoo fishing, ensure it is rated to swim between 8-15 mph and dive to the specific depths you wish to target at your desired trolling speed. Deep diving wahoo lures run well at various speeds, making them versatile for different conditions. Plus, they can quickly reach the portion of the water column.  A wahoo trolling lure mimics the appearance and movement of a small fish. While there are many types of wahoo fishing lures on the market, wahoo deep-diving trolling plugs are typically one of the most effective options.

How to Select Wahoo Lures with the Right Color

Another critical factor is the lure color. The wahoo has to be able to see the trolling plug before a wahoo can attack it. Therefore, when it comes to wahoo fishing, lure color can be a critical factor in success. While there are no hard and fast rules, some general guidelines can help anglers select the best color for their wahoo lures. For example, bright colors such as blue and green are excellent wahoo lure color selections. In addition, wahoo lures should mimic the appearance of their natural prey.

While there is no one perfect color that will always attract wahoo, there are certain shades that are more effective than others. For example, bright colors like pink and orange are often prosperous in attracting wahoo, as they can stand out against the ocean blue. However, darker colors like black and purple can also be effective, as they can provide a contrast against the bright sun and help lure wahoo in from deeper waters. Wahoo is also known to be attracted to shiny objects. So, lures with metallic finishes or reflective surfaces may also be effective. But ultimately, the best way to determine the best color for your wahoo fishing lures is to experiment and see what works best for you.  Before purchasing a wahoo trolling lure, I suggest you read the following blogs we created to help fishermen select the best wahoo lure colors. 

The Best Nomad Wahoo Trolling Lure

I think the #1 Nomad wahoo trolling lure is the Nomad Design Madscad 115mm – 4.5″ sinking wahoo trolling lure.  Below is an image of one the best Nomad wahoo trolling lures. The wahoo show favoritism to the sardine-colored black dot pattern Nomad wahoo trolling lure.

Click on the Image to Purchase this #1 Nomad Wahoo Trolling Lure on Amazon

The Best Nomad Trolling Lure


Why You Should Buy a Pink Nomad Lure for Wahoo Fishing

Investing in a pink Nomad lure can improve your chances if you’re aiming to catch the elusive and aggressive wahoo fish. The lure’s vibrant pink color stands out in murky or deep waters, attracting the attention of wahoo and other large pelagic species. This color mimics the appearance of many baitfish, triggering a predatory response in wahoo that may not be hungry otherwise. Click here to purchase. 

Best Nomad Lure

Why You Should Buy a Black or Pink Mackerel Nomad Lure for Wahoo Fishing

If you are targeting wahoo and not getting bites, but you see numerous blackfin tunas around vs. small bonito in your fishing area. I recommend fishing for wahoo with a Nomad Madmac High-Speed lure in Black Pink Mackerel. This Nomad lure color would be a suitable choice for mimicking the appearance of a blackfin tuna. The lure’s black and pink color scheme closely resembles the dark upper body and lighter underbelly of a blackfin tuna, potentially making it more enticing to predatory fish like wahoo. Click here to purchase.

The Best wahoo Trolling lures

The Best Wahoo Trolling Lure

I have caught wahoo on almost every lure brand name at least once, but there is only one trolling plug that I have found that will consistently outproduce all others on the market. This wahoo trolling plug produces bites on days when nothing else seems to work, and that wahoo trolling plug is the Halo Laser Pro 190. Check out this video and see the wahoo trolling lures I use in the Florida Keys. On this particular day, we caught our limit of 6 wahoo fishing lures. 


The best wahoo fishing plug is the Halco Laser Pro 190. The outer body has extra secure hook anchoring and towing points as an integral part of the lure body. In addition, the bulletproof bib securing system provides added strength and ensures faultless swimming performance at high and low speeds. One of the best Wahoo trolling lures, this lure can be trolled over a wide speed band. Its optimum speed for trolling for wahoo fishing is between 8-10 mph.

I recommend purchasing the following wahoo fishing lures by Halco. These are the same wahoo lures I use on my wahoo fishing charters. Click on the images to purchase these lures on Amazon.com.


The Best Wahoo Trolling Lure

Chrome Pink

The Best Wahoo Fishing Lure

The Secret Wahoo and Dolphin Lure is a Seawitch Tied with UV(ultraviolet) Hair

When selecting Seawitch lures, incorporating UV (ultraviolet) hair can be a game-changer for many anglers. UV-enhanced materials have gained popularity in the fishing world due to their visibility under water. The use of UV hair in Seawitch lures leverages this visibility, making the lures more attractive to fish, especially in deeper waters or low-light conditions where natural sunlight doesn’t penetrate as effectively.

If your fishing strategy involves targeting species that are holding deep in the water column or if you often find yourself fishing in conditions where light penetration is minimal, it’s crucial to ensure your lures are as visible and attractive as possible to the fish below. In such scenarios, sea witches tied with UV (ultraviolet) hair become an invaluable asset.

Why Use UV Hair in Seawitch Lures?

  1. Enhanced Visibility: UV materials reflect sunlight differently than non-UV materials. Even in deeper or murkier waters, UV hair can stand out, drawing the attention of predatory fish from greater distances.

  2. Mimics Natural Prey: Many baitfish and other prey items naturally reflect UV light, which predatory fish can see and use to hunt. By using UV hair in your Seawitch lures, you’re closely mimicking the appearance of these natural prey items, increasing the chances of a strike.

  3. Versatility: Seawitch lures with UV hair are versatile and can be used in various fishing conditions, from clear to stained waters. They are particularly effective on overcast days or during dawn and dusk when UV light can make a significant difference in visibility.

  4. Targeting Specific Species: Certain species are more attracted to UV light than others. Predatory fish like tuna, wahoo, and some species of billfish have been known to respond well to UV-enhanced lures. Using Seawitch lures with UV hair can be particularly effective when targeting these species.

There is only one company that I know of personally that sells UV Sea Witches to the public and that is the Tackle Room.  You can purchase your UV Sea Witches from the Tackle Room by clicking here or on the image below.

The Best Seawitch Guide

UV Sea Witches by the Tackle Room

Tips for Using Seawitch Lures with UV Hair

  • Pair with Live Bait or Strips: For added attraction, pair your UV hair Seawitch lure with live bait or bait strips. The combination of the UV hair’s visibility and the scent and movement of the bait can prove irresistible to many species.

  • Experiment with Colors: While the UV enhancement increases visibility, combining it with different colors can yield varying results depending on the fishing conditions and targeted species. Experiment with a range of colors to find what works best in your specific fishing scenario.

  • Adjust Trolling Speeds: When trolling Seawitch lures with UV hair, adjust your speeds to match the intended prey’s behavior. Slower speeds can mimic injured fish, while faster speeds can entice aggressive predators.

  • Depth Considerations: Keep in mind that the effectiveness of UV light diminishes with depth. While UV hair can enhance visibility in deeper waters compared to non-UV materials, its effectiveness is still greatest in the upper water columns where more light is present.

Incorporating Seawitch lures with UV hair into your fishing arsenal can significantly enhance your offshore fishing experience. By understanding the benefits and best practices for using these lures, you can increase your chances of attracting and catching more wahoo and dolphin, making your fishing trips more successful and enjoyable.

Epic UV Sea Witches are the Best

Epic Sea Witches, by the Tackle Room are on another level when compared to most others on the market.  The lead heads are poured in the US, and the sea witches themselves are hand-tied right here in North Carolina.  The quality and craftsmanship placed into each lure speaks for itself. What I really like about these sea witches is that hair is perfectly balanced and does not tangle and they last.

The Tackle Room make some of the finest witches money can buy and we stock 7 of the more popular colors in 1/2 oz weight.  Should you want to go lighter, or you need a different color combination, just ask.    These versatile sea witches work great in tandem with our ballyhoo rigs.  If you have questions about how to make your own ballyhoo rig, be sure to check out this great article from Saltwater Sportsman Magazine.

The Rapala UV Trolling Lures(The 2024 Secret Wahoo Lure)

The secret will come out sooner or later, so here it is. 

What sets the Rapala Magnum UV apart is its ultraviolet finish, a critical feature for fishing in deep waters or low-light conditions. This UV enhancement significantly increases the lure’s visibility, attracting wahoo from greater distances and depths. The reflective quality of the UV finish imitates the natural luminescence of baitfish, adding an extra layer of realism that wahoo find irresistible.

Available in a variety of sizes and colors, including the highly effective Wahoo UV pattern, anglers can select the perfect Rapala Magnum UV to match the conditions of their fishing environment and target species. Some models also feature a colored lip for added attraction, further increasing your chances of a successful catch.

Support the blog by purchasing this killer lure through the Tackle Room by clicking here

The top wahoo fishing lures

When trolling for wahoo with the Rapala Magnum UV, using a stout rod is advised due to the lure’s ability to dig deep into the strike zone. This deep-diving capability, combined with its lifelike action and UV enhancement, makes the Rapala Magnum UV a must-have lure for any serious wahoo angler.

In summary, the Rapala Magnum UV trolling lure stands as a top choice for targeting wahoo, offering the perfect blend of durability, action, and visibility. Whether you’re trolling the deep blue waters offshore in search of a trophy catch or competing in a high-stakes fishing tournament, the Rapala Magnum UV is your ticket to success against the swift and mighty wahoo.


Fishing for wahoo can be tricky, but using the right trolling plug increases your chances of success. There are some secrets to catching wahoo using diving plugs. If you are looking to improve and would like to catch more wahoo-like pros on a more consistent basis, I highly suggest you purchase our course called the Wahoo Slayer Series. Within the course, I will show you how I fish the Halco Laser Pro 190 on my fishing charters. You may also check out this Halco Laser Pro 190 is the best trolling plug when fishing for wahoo. So if you’re serious about catching wahoo, purchase the Halco laser pro 190 trolling plug and start reaping the rewards.

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