The Best Wahoo Fishing Lure-Swimming Diving Plugs Replacement Hooks

Targeting wahoo on the troll in the Florida Keys using deep diving swimming plugs is very effective.  The following are few of the most popular lure manufactures that sell swimming diving plugs for wahoo fishing:

Deep diving trolling plugs are very good wahoo lures, especially during the fall fishing calendar months in the Florida Keys.  Why? As the water begins to cool down, the bait migrations arrive in the Florida Keys. Following the bait migrations will be Sailfish, King Fish, Wahoo, Blackfin Tuna and even Yellowfin Tuna. Catching wahoo on large deep-diving swimming plugs is a very effective way to target wahoo during annual fall Florida Keys bait migration.

A deep diving plug trolled at speeds between 7-12 MPH matches the hatch of a fleeing bait fish trying to escape a predator during the Florida Keys bait migration(action brings action).  Swimming plugs trolled deep at faster speeds will catch you not only wahoo, but also numerous Blackfin and Yellowfin Tuna as well. I have caught several Black Groupers and even large Amberjacks while fishing for wahoo using trolling plugs when targeting wahoo in the Florida Keys.

Replacement Treble Hooks

If you plan on purchasing any of these name brand trolling plugs listed above then I highly recommend replacing the manufacturer treble hooks with high quality replacement treble hooks before using them for wahoo fishing. My personal favorite replacement treble hooks for all swimming plugs is the Owner Stinger ST-66TN Stinger Treble.  I will never put another a trolling plug in the water without replacing the manufacturer hooks with these Owner ST-66TN brand replacement trouble hooks.

Owner Stinger-66 Treble Hooks


The Owner Stinger-66T Treble hook should be the standard Treble Hook on all trolling plugs. 4X strong, these are a beast of a treble hook! Considered an automatic upgrade for virtually any factory rigged saltwater lure. Features include a short shank, three super sharp “power points,” and a corrosion-resistant vacuum-tinned finish.

Features include:

  • 4X strong
  • short shank
  • three supersharp “power points”
  • corrosion-resistant vacuum-tinned finish

Learn more about the wire line I use for for wahoo fishing by listening to my tackle tip podcast by clicking here