Long podcast today, but I had a lot say.  Listen for them “nuggets”.

This lure rigged over a baitstrip is what I am talking about in the podcast, I mentioned it a few weeks ago and the reports I am getting are what I expected. Guys are catching big fish with it.

Wahoo Flasher – Joe Shute Lures

Better have one for this November and December. Order the blue and white color then rig this over a baitstrip or bonito strip rather than a ballyhoo. Seems to be what the fish want right now.

Also if you do not have a downrigger, no worries. Just use the hand-line planer.

This is what I keep on my boat as a back up and what I used before I started using downriggers.  I will be talking about this product in the next podcast. It is what you need.

Hand Line Planer Kit

Get your baits deeper by running bigger planers with this manual set up. I love this manual planer and highly recommend starting with this one. Get baits deeper, like I mention in the podcast and you will catch.  Fish are pushing deeper earlier in the day with the boat traffic, be prepared this season.

Thanks for listening.