Wahoo Fishing Tips and Techniques

Wire Leaders for Wahoo Fishing-Piano Wire- Step your Wahoo game up this fall and winter in the Florida Keys

In this podcast I will talk about why Piano wire is a hot ticket for wahoo fishing and other wahoo fishing tips and techniques can be found in my 4 part podcast series.

You’ll find this stuff on virtually every East Coast Charter rig that is targeting wahoo. The Tackle Room sells Piano wire in 2lb coils of #8, #9 and #10.  Their Piano wire is bagged in talcum powder to ward off rust.

The History of Piano Wire and Specifications

When I asked Matt and Bryan from The Tackle Room about the history of Piano Wire in the North Carolina Wahoo fishing game they had this to say “Piano Wire has been used in North Carolina for many years.  It started out being mainly used by the charter boats because it was so much less expensive than stainless wire.  Stainless wire is typically around 4 times as much as piano wire.  The drawback to it is, it does rust fairly fast usually giving you a couple back to back days of use, after that it is usually pitted or rusted enough to throw away.  I couple big advantages to piano wire other than its affordability is its a touch softer then stainless steel wire allowing it not to hold as much memory. This allows it to stay fairly straight even after taking a wrap on a fish.  Lastly, the fact that piano wire is a bright silver allows for it to act like a mirror in the water, reflecting everything around it and making it almost camouflage.”


  • Piano wire is affordable, durable, and less likely to be seen by our favorite toothy critter
  • Sold in 2lb coils of #9 and #10
  • #9 is 140lbs test
  • #9 is .022 inches, #10 is .032 inches
  • Bagged in talcum powder to ward off rust




Purchase Piano Wire

Click here to purchase Piano Wire  your wahoo fishing wire leader connections also I highly recommend checking all out the fishing lures and other gear the tackleroom.com sells. The customer service is awesome!