In this podcast I talk about springtime permit fishing on the Florida Keys wrecks and share the best fishing spots for permit from Key Largo to Marathon.

I also share a few tips as to what you should look for before you buy bait(shrimp, pinfish, pilchards, crabs, mullet) from a South Florida/Florida Keys bait shop tank.

Also provide non-sponsored recommendation for a South Florida bait shop in Homestead, Florida that provides quality live and dead bait.

Florida Keys Bait-Live Pinfish

Tavernier Creek Marina now has live pinfish on the weekends. These sell out quickly, so stop in on Friday’s and get them while they last.

Sargassum Monitoring Sites You Tube Video. Please like and subscribe to my world famous Florida Keys YouTube channel 🙂


NEW 8 Week INTENSIVE BEYOND THE BASICS Late Season Wahoo and Early Season Dolphin-Deep Drop(golden tiles, grey tiles, queen snappers, yellow eye snappers and more)

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And More Benefit from my personal experiences and expertise, including what has not worked for me and new ideas to try. And the best part about this type of container is the questions that others ask. 

Things you may not have thought to think of asking or trying—others tend to ask. Discover unique information that may not have crossed your mind before. 

The GKS Private Fishing Club

About the GKS Fishing Club In 2020, I started a private fishing group called The Rigging Crew. That has since evolved to another group called Good Karma Fishing Club. Each month, 2x a month, I host a Zoom call (which is recorded if you can’t make it live) where I share what’s going, new ideas, things I have learned and allow for a lot of discussion and QA. Each call is about 1 ½ hour long. The cost is $279 a month. 

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