Islamorada Fishing Report-World Class Fishing Destination

Been a busy week for Good Karma Sportfishing.

This week I re-opened my Florida Keys Bait and Tackle shop online. The name is of the site is Good Karma Fishing Tackle Here you will find everything that I use and talk about in my podcast series. Check back frequently for new items as I will be adding them a little at time.

When I am done with the Florida Keys Bait and Tackle shop you will have access to all the stuff I use. If you have your own boat and or plan on renting a boat this will be the site for you. I will show you the stuff I use including artificial lures for Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Marlin and Black Fin Tuna. I will also provide you with the tackle that I use for catching jumbo Flag Yellowtail Snappers.

On with the Islamorada fishing report.

This past week.

Tunas are south of Alligator Light in depths of 220 ft out to the 300 ft. Best Amberjack fishing right now are the wrecks off of Tennessee Light and Alligator. This time of year the larger Blackfin Tunas like to hold up down there. The wind and sea conditions were not favorable for me to make that run south, but if have your own boat that is where I would focus on next weekend once the wind clears out.

I did my absolute best to catch clients quality fish on half days, but it was work. Don’t let the pictures fool ya. It was not easy fishing. Clients this week had great attitudes and were patient with me. The end result was big fish.

Looking forward to seeing my return clients this month and meeting the new clients that have booked with me.  I have 1 date left open in March and that is March 24. April is filling up quickly and if you are visiting in May or June during prime time for Grouper, Yellowtail and Mutton please book ahead.

Thanks for reading my fishing report.

Capt. Ryan