How to Catch Mutton Snappers

Learning how to catch mutton snappers in the Florida Keys can be very fun. This mutton snapper fishing technique can be used to catch mutton snappers any where in the world.

Years ago, I started working on a long leader removable weight system for drifting live baits deep for wahoo, kingfish, mutton snappers, black groupers and wahoo. Below is the video of the original removable rig I used for the video. However, I did not show what I use on my fishing charters as that technique is proprietary, and I did not want it released to the world.

Balloon Fisher King Clips for Mutton Snapper Fishing

Several local South Florida Fishing YouTube Channels copied this video and released it for content after publication on the Balloon Fisher King website. The below video was used at ICAST 2020.

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The Balloon Fisher King Clips can be used for the following:

  • Easy on and off and adjustable, reusable balloon clip.
  • Precise bait depth control.
  • Clips can also be used for easy on / off and adjustable sinker attachment.
  • Ideal for saltwater and freshwater.

Mutton Snapper Fishing with Long Leaders

This is the best mutton snapper rig. Years ago I created the best mutton snapper rig.  This rig is streamlined and helps set the hook.

 Learn how I make mine in this video.  By purchasing this video you are supporting the Good Karma Sportfishing podcast and YouTube channel content.  I provide the absolute best content available to those looking to up level their game and learn how to catch very large mutton snappers.

  • Are you tired of the difficulty of handling long leaders?
  • Are you looking for a method to get baits deep without having to handle long leaders?
  • Are you fed up with using rubber bands and inline sinkers?

Long leaders are a pain in the ass, but part of every serious anglers life. I have worked very hard over the years to come up with a bridal system for carrying weights that is not only easy to work, but will also save you money.

I share in this how-to video. Not only will you be able to make it your own, but you learn how to use it effectively. Overtime, this system will make you a lethal bottom fisherman, but like everything else it takes practice to perfect.    I have not publicly talked about this bridal system weight carrier for mutton snappers or grouper fishing in any of my podcasts.  The tips I have talked about and shared through my podcast and YouTube videos do work, but not as consistent as this system.

It is the absolute best mutton snapper fishing long leader fishing technique.  You can either purchase a pre-made bridal from the Tackle Room by clicking here or you can learn how I make the Good Karma Sportfishing proprietary rig by purchasing my course course by clicking here. In this video with Ryan Morie, we are using my handmade mutton snapper removable weight bridal system I call  Mutton Crusher Rig.

Below is a list of the Good Karma Sportfishing YouTube Channels that feature my current mutton crusher rig in action.

When you purchase this course, you are on your way to catching giant groupers and even a few big muttons snappers in impressive numbers in no time. 

The Pre-Made Mutton Crusher Bridal By the Tackle Room

Using a balloon fisher king clip with weight attached with zip tie is the easiest way to get baits or lures deeper in the water column without much hassle.  Bridles go between your main line and leader. A bridle allows you to fight the fish all the way to the rod tip and is a must when you’re making a planer rig. Simply attach the weight rigged to a Balloon Fisher King Clip to the bridal.

Mutton Snapper Removable Weight Fishing Bridal by the Tackle Room

  • A Planer Bridle is the easiest way to get baits or lures deeper in the water column without losing time and energy
  • Tied in-line, between your main line and leader
  • Made from 500lb Jerry Brown hollow core braid
  • The bridles have Spro power swivels at each end to connect with your mainline and leader
  • 24″ overall length
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Hollowcore bridles are much easier on your reels and guides than cable bridles 

Made from 500lb Jerry Brown hollow-core braid, our planer bridles have Spro power swivels at each end.  The overall length of the mutton crusher bridle is 24 inches. These  bridles are handmade in the United States of America.  Tackle Room bridles accommodate any size planer or trolling weight, or a removable sinker for bottom fishing and offshore fishing.

Purchase your pre-made removable weight bridal through the Tackle Tackle Room by clicking here.

Mutton Snapper Fishing Spots

Also when it comes to finding spots mutton snapper spots, it takes more than just looking at the charts and figuring out where the rock meets the sand along the deep ledges in the Florida Keys. 90% of the contour charts on your electronic maps are in-correct. I know this because I make my living on the water.

 If you really want to learn how to find your own secret mutton snapper fishing spots you can purchase this course by clicking here. 

Learn all about the mutton snapper here.

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