How to Catch Mutton Snappers

Learning how to catch mutton snappers in the Florida Keys can be very fun. This mutton snapper fishing technique can be used to catch mutton snappers any where in the world.

Years ago, I started working on a long leader removable weight system for drifting live baits deep for wahoo, kingfish, mutton snappers, black groupers and wahoo.

Below is the video of the original removable rig I used for the video. However, I did not show what I use on my fishing charters as that technique is proprietary, and I did not want it released to the world.

Several local South Florida Fishing YouTube Channels copied this video and released it for content after publication on the Balloon Fisher King website. The below video was used at ICAST 2020.

Here is the link to purchase the  Balloon Fisher King Clips 

Although this system still works, it is not what I currently use. In this video with East Side Surf Fishing, we caught our limit of Black Grouper using a modified removable weight system I call the “Mutton Crusher Rig. ” It is the absolute best mutton snapper fishing long leader fishing technique. 

Below is a list of the Good Karma Sportfishing YouTube Channels that feature my current mutton crusher rig in action.

When you purchase this course, you are on your way to catching giant groupers and even a few big muttons snappers in impressive numbers in no time. 

Also when it comes to finding spots mutton snapper spots, it takes more than just looking at the charts and figuring out where the rock meets the sand along the deep ledges in the Florida Keys.   If you really want to learn how to find your own secret mutton snapper fishing spots you can purchase this course by clicking here. 

Learn all about the mutton snapper here.

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