Back to the orginal old school nugget style podcasts packed with information about how to catch African pompano, yellow jacks and mutton snapeprs. Talking about jigs, dead bait and live bait.

Focus on public fishing numbers that hold these fish in the Upper Florida and Middle Florida Keys. I also talk about bait and more. Enjoy and I hope it helps you catch more fish this winter.

If you have already purchased a course, just email me to recieve a code $25.00 purchase code for this audio bonus.  I go into depth about leaders and mutton snapper fishing tips.

Audio Bonus on Mutton Snappers

Here are the details for both Crew 1 and Crew 2.

This is for recreational anglers only! There is a screening process to make sure you are a recreational angler. If someone isn’t honest during the process, they will be asked to leave.

I have private coaching for even further fishing coaching which can be either recreational or charter/business coaching. Please email me if you are interested.

Crew 1 launched in Oct. 2020 will continue at $49 a month and is a monthly live Zoom call on a Wed. night approx. 1 ½ hours.

Those calls are recorded and consist of group updates as it’s a community, guest speakers and rigging/lure making tips.

There is a FB Group and Voxer Group for the community and support.

Crew 2 is new and will start in January. $279 a month or Pay in Full (PIF) for a year at $3,011.00 which is a 10% discount.

This is next level for learning and community.

This will consist of 2 live calls a month via Zoom- recorded.