Facebook originated in 2004 and Instagram followed in 2010. Prior to those platforms, the only way you got fishing reports was through reputable websites, radio shows and print magazines. “Cyber fishing” didn’t exist.  Clients had to wait for information in order to book a charter because there was absolutely no way to get reliable information.  Cyber fishing blew up only a few years ago along with YouTube.    
However, cyber fishing can hurt you. It creates unrealistic expectations because fishing is still fishing and weather is weather.  I consistently find that the clients that still have their best luck fishing with me are the ones that still plan vacations regardless of what the cyber fishing reports say. They make their reservations and take their chance with weather and fishing.  I can honestly say that The Florida Keys are a special place and those that visit here every year know that and appreciate it for its’ special charm. Those clients are never disappointed even if the charter operation cancels due to the weather.
Below are few pictures from the last couple fishing charters.
Changes to Customized Charters- Good Karma Sportfishing is not amazon.com.
I had to make some major changes to my charter fishing program over the past couple months due to the weather and changing oceans.  I will no longer accept species specific charters. If a clients puts pressure on me to catch one fish at a particular time of year, I will not accept the charter. These charters never go well and I no longer feel comfortable that I can satisfy their needs as a Captain due to the  changing weather patterns and oceanic conditions.  
Clients must be flexible to fish for whatever is biting and be flexible to troll, bottom fish, or do whatever I can.  My goal is always to catch the best fish for my clients keeping in mind the seas conditions I am presented with for that day. Even if you don’t like to troll that may be the only way to target fish on your particular charter day. If a clients gets combative with me on the phone because I won’t make a fish guarantee I will not take the charter.  I am seeing more and more combative clients due to the unrealistic social media they are watching.  Even requests to fill the fish box as if it’s their shopping list.  Fishing is meant to be fun not grocery shopping.
There are plenty of Captains down here that will take a person’s hard earned money and tell them anything they want to hear to book a trip and then do whatever they want. Not me, I always make sure I am transparent with the plan for the day(s). 
April and May are filling up quickly as well.  Please make your reservations ahead time. I talked about Cyber Fishing earlier, if you are playing that game expect to get burned. Book a month out, lower your expectations and you will more than likely have great weather, great fishing and an exceptional good time fishing aboard Good Karma. Good Karma loves good clients with great attitudes and rewards them on every trip.   Love Good Karma, she is an amazing boat.