Happy New Year!

In this monthly joint podcast episode, my wife, Melinda Van Fleet, and I share about our 2024 New Years Day morning with Capt. Brian McCadie and his wife Capt. Elizabeth McCadie aboard their glass bottom boat called Transparensea.

We were invited to attend The Blessing of The Fleet 2024 which is an annual event held New Years Day morning at Whale Harbor Marina in Islamorada, Florida. Their glass bottom boat is located at Robbie’s Marina in Islamorada, Florida.

We had a great time and we share about our adventure and why you should book a trip with them next time you are in The Florida Keys or if you live in The Florida Keys.

Please connect with Transparensea Glass Bottom Boat on Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/glassbottomboatsofislamorada/

Read the article Melinda Van Fleet wrote about Transparensea and Capt. Brian and Capt. Elizabeth McCadie in The Weekly


Book a trip with Transparensea glass bottom boat in Islamorada, Florida at Robbie’s Marina


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