In this podcast I announce my new Florida Keys Reef, Wreck and Offshore fishing consultant business. This program is for recreational fisherman with their own boats.

I have learned over the years that it takes time, habits, practice along with constantly learning new tools to become a great angler.  I am consistently surprised by the amount of people that think they can learn it in just 1 charter.  It takes time.  With that in mind I have developed a coaching/consulting program. This is for that angler that is:

  • Ready to develop a professional fisherman mindset and instinct.
  • Done with picking through the internet for tips and attending local seminars that only try to sell you sponsored products.
  • Extremely driven, but is willing to learn. 
  • Looking for a mentor that is available, that you can ask questions and bounce ideas off of.

As a client you will become my virtual fishing mate that I am willing to share my knowledge with on a personal level. This is “knowledge” that I do not share through my podcast, fishing reports, paid speaking events or on a standard fishing charter.   You will receive educational information and get an inside look at my instinctual style of fishing that will take you the next level.

As I am sure you know, there are a lot of aspects that go into fishing.  Too many to list here.  This course will be extensive and cover a lot of ground.

Space is limited as I am only only taking a few select clients at a time.  I also want to make sure clients are the right fit for my teaching style and are serious about learning.

To schedule a call you can email me at