Use this haywire tool for making strong wire leader haywire twist knots. Tie numerous wire leader connections with this haywire twist tool.

Product Description 

Manufactured from Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel. Every component in this tool is made of Stainless Steel. Made here in the USA. We don’t exploit cheap labor to manufacture our products! Heat Treated and Diamond Knurled Handle for increased grip and strength. This tool is larger than others on the market giving the user more surface area to grip and handle the tool with ease. Our tool will make Haywire Twists on Single Strand Wire up to and including #19 Gauge (360 lb/test) with little effort . This tool will not deform from repeated use on heavy gauge wire. Other haywire tools on the market are made from nickel plated brass or plastic. After repeated use twisting #19 heavy gauge wire, a gouge would form in the nose cone thus making the tool less effective at forming tight twists. This translates into more effort on the part of the user while twisting, resulting in sore wrists and forearms, and sloppy haywire twist! We’ve eliminated that problem with the use of stainless steel and changing the geometry of tool to prevent the tool from deforming. Now available with a loop forming/tag end removal feature. This feature allows you to make precise, formed loops, in the wire prior to running the line through the body of the tool and making your haywire and barrel twists. It can also be used to neatly break off the tag end of the wire after completing your haywire twist.

Hay Wire Twist Tool