Powerful episode with my wife Melinda Van Fleet, certified life & business coach/mentor and consultant. Also now adding energy work to her practice.

We talk about supporting each other through our business/entrepreneurial journeys since 2009.

Fishing for mental health, mindset, relationships, limiting beliefs, intuition, money, happiness, energy, Ahai 7D energy and more…

Anytime you’re fishing it’s all good! Thanks for listening!

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Melinda’s info:

The YouTube video Melinda mentions- YouTube Video 

Connect with Melinda for all things on her website www.melindavanfleet.com and her two books which are also on Amazon in paperback, eBook and Audible.

Ahai 7D Energy Sessions included in Melinda’s Private 1:1 Coaching or sessions can be individual- info on her website.

Connect more on FB, LI, TW or IG @melinda_vanfleet