In this podcast Melinda and I talk about trust. We share couple recent stories including a recent fishing trip for Mahi Mahi in Florida Keys.

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Good Karma Saturday’s

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Fishing guidance program for the self-led, responsible, and passionate angler who wishes to immensely improve their fishing trip and catch rate. This is a positive energy experience that will not only help you catch fish and have a fun day but also save time and money on the water.

Topics covered: Gear, Bait, Spots, Weather, Tides, Mindset and more.


  1. Morning Session 6 am-11 am $200
  2. Afternoon Session 2 pm-7 pm $200
  3. Full Day Experience 6 am to 11 am and then back 2 pm to 7 pm $350
  4. Optional: Prep Review -strategy, bait, supplies, tackle, etc.-  Additional $50.
    1. Scheduled 15 call (phone, Zoom or can be over text) and can be up to a week in advance.
    2. This is not a stand-alone option- must have a session booked as well.

I have been finding the current this summer along the edge of the reef using SATFISH OFFSHORE:

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