The Best Wahoo Sea Witch Guide for 2023

If you’re looking for the best-kept wahoo lure color secrets, look no further. In this blog I talk about the sea witches I personally use on all my Key Largo offshore fishing charters. 

The Secret Florida Keys Dolphin Fishing Lure

In the realm of Florida Keys offshore dolphin, tuna and wahoo fishing  the introduction of UV-enhanced materials into dolphin and wahoo lures has changed the game.  These materials, particularly UV-reactive hair, have become a staple for crafting sea witch lures that stand out beneath the waves. The intrinsic property of UV hair to reflect ultraviolet light enhances the lure’s visibility in the ocean environment, a critical factor when fishing under conditions where natural light is scarce.

For Florida Keys dolphin fisherman aiming to optimize their catch rate, integrating seawitch lures tied with UV-reactive hair is a strategic move. The enhanced visibility provided by these materials can be the difference between a successful outing and a day spent wondering what went wrong. Whether you’re dropping lines in the twilight hours or in locales where the water’s clarity is dirty, ensuring your lures are equipped to catch the eye of your target species is paramount. Thus, seawitch lures featuring UV-reactive hair emerge not just as an option, but as a necessity for those serious about leveling up.

When selecting sea witch lures, incorporating UV (ultraviolet) hair can be a game-changer for many anglers. UV-enhanced materials have gained popularity in the SOUTH FLORIDA fishing world due to their visibility under water. The use of UV hair in seawitch lures leverages this visibility, making the lures more attractive to wahoo, especially in deeper waters or low-light conditions where natural sunlight doesn’t penetrate as effectively.

If your fishing strategy involves targeting species that are holding deep in the water column or if you often find yourself fishing in conditions where light penetration is minimal, it’s crucial to ensure your lures are as visible and attractive as possible to the fish below. In such scenarios, sea witches tied with UV (ultraviolet) hair become an invaluable asset.

Why Use UV Hair in Seawitch Lures?

  1. Enhanced Visibility: UV materials reflect sunlight differently than non-UV materials. Even in deeper or murkier waters, UV hair can stand out, drawing the attention of predatory fish from greater distances.

  2. Mimics Natural Prey: Many baitfish and other prey items naturally reflect UV light, which predatory fish can see and use to hunt. By using UV hair in your Seawitch lures, you’re closely mimicking the appearance of these natural prey items, increasing the chances of a strike.

  3. Versatility: Seawitch lures with UV hair are versatile and can be used in various fishing conditions, from clear to stained waters. They are particularly effective on overcast days or during dawn and dusk when UV light can make a significant difference in visibility.

  4. Targeting Specific Species: Certain species are more attracted to UV light than others. Predatory fish like tuna, wahoo, and some species of billfish have been known to respond well to UV-enhanced lures. Using Seawitch lures with UV hair can be particularly effective when targeting these species.

There is only one company that I know of personally that sells UV Sea Witches to the public and that is the Tackle Room.  You can purchase your UV Sea Witches from the Tackle Room by clicking here or on the image below.

The Best Seawitch Guide

UV Sea Witches by the Tackle Room

Tips for Using Seawitch Lures with UV Hair

  • Pair with Live Bait or Strips: For added attraction, pair your UV hair Seawitch lure with live bait or bait strips. The combination of the UV hair’s visibility and the scent and movement of the bait can prove irresistible to many species.

  • Experiment with Colors: While the UV enhancement increases visibility, combining it with different colors can yield varying results depending on the fishing conditions and targeted species. Experiment with a range of colors to find what works best in your specific fishing scenario.

  • Adjust Trolling Speeds: When trolling Seawitch lures with UV hair, adjust your speeds to match the intended prey’s behavior. Slower speeds can mimic injured fish, while faster speeds can entice aggressive predators.

  • Depth Considerations: Keep in mind that the effectiveness of UV light diminishes with depth. While UV hair can enhance visibility in deeper waters compared to non-UV materials, its effectiveness is still greatest in the upper water columns where more light is present.

Incorporating Seawitch lures with UV hair into your fishing arsenal can significantly enhance your offshore fishing experience. By understanding the benefits and best practices for using these lures, you can increase your chances of attracting and catching more wahoo and dolphin, making your fishing trips more successful and enjoyable.

Epic UV Sea Witches are the Best

Epic Sea Witches, by the Tackle Room are on another level when compared to most others on the market.  The lead heads are poured in the US, and the sea witches themselves are hand-tied right here in North Carolina.  The quality and craftsmanship placed into each lure speaks for itself. What I really like about these sea witches is that hair is perfectly balanced and does not tangle and they last.

The Tackle Room make some of the finest witches money can buy and we stock 7 of the more popular colors in 1/2 oz weight.  Should you want to go lighter, or you need a different color combination, just ask.    These versatile sea witches work great in tandem with our ballyhoo rigs.  If you have questions about how to make your own ballyhoo rig, be sure to check out this great article from Saltwater Sportsman Magazine.

Freddy Collins Sea Witches 

 I recently spoke with Freddy Collins, a veteran wahoo angler who has spent thousands of hours researching and testing different lures and methods. Now, he’s sharing a few of his wahoo fishing secrets with us! 

The Best Key Largo Fishing Charter

Good Karma Sportfishing Wahoo

When it comes to inspiring stories, it doesn’t get much better than Freddy Collins. Starting as a drift boat fisherman in South Florida, he eventually moved on to the Ft. Lauderdale charter boat scene and then back to Jupiter, where he spent 20 years working as a commercial king fisherman. After moving back to Ft. Lauderdale due to health issues, he began tying custom sea witch lures and sharing his expertise with anglers worldwide.

The Power of Wahoo Fishing

For Freddy, wahoo fishing has been more than just a hobby – it has been a way of life that has enabled him to build a custom hand-tied wahoo lure business while doing something he loves while continuing to pursue his passions despite health issues. And it’s not just Freddy who benefits from this lifestyle; countless anglers worldwide have also benefitted from his expertise! 

Selecting Wahoo Lure Colors

Have you ever had trouble deciding which lure colors to use when targeting wahoo? Well, have no fear! Freddy is here to make it easy for you. Keep reading to learn more about Freddy’s favorite wahoo lure color combinations.

Top Wahoo Fishing Sea Witches Color Combinations

 If you need an extra edge when fishing for wahoo, try out Freddy’s favorite color combinations – blue and florescent white or pink and white florescent white sea witch wahoo lures.

The Best Wahoo Lure

Blue and White

When it comes to color combinations for wahoo lures, Freddy says you can’t go wrong with blue and florescent white or pink and florescent white.

The Best Key Largo Fishing Charter

Pink and White

They belong in every wahoo fisherman’s arsenal. They work well with both ballyhoo, bonito strips, or artificial baitstrips. If you want to learn how I rig baitstrips make sure to check out my online course by clicking here.

Dirty Water Wahoo Sea Witch Special 

Are you looking for the perfect combination of pink and chartreuse to attract a big wahoo? Look no further than Freddy Collins’ dirty water wahoo sea witch lure. This unique sea witch reflects more light than others, making it easier for a big wahoo to spot in low visibility.

Key Largo Charter Boat Fishing

Pink and Chartreuse


Freddy says, “This lure works excellent when rigged over swimming ballyhoo, bonito strips, or artificial baitstrips.”

The Best Wahoo Lure Colors for Clean Water

 Freddy tells me, “These are wahoo killers in clean water when fished over a bonito strip. These are great for yellowfin tuna, wahoo, and big mahi mahi.

The Best Sea Witches for Wahoo Fishing

Pink Head and Crystal Hair

The Best Wahoo Sea Witch

Purple and Crystal

The Best Wahoo Lure Colors for Overcast Days 

Winter is a great time to catch some wahoo.  But, with limited visibility due to cloudy days, hazy mornings, and rougher sea conditions, it can be hard to know what lures work best. So, to help you make the right choice, Freddy recommends the following wahoo sea witches.

The Best Wahoo Sea Witches

Dark Blue

Darker lure colors create a cleaner lure silhouette that stands out against the background of the water – making it easier for the wahoo identifies as a baitfish.

The Best Wahoo Sea Witch

Black and Purple

All pearl mylar sea witches also work incredibly well in low-light conditions.

The Best Wahoo Sea Witches

Pear Mylar

These bright colors will stand out against darker backgrounds while still looking natural enough that wahoo won’t shy away from them.

The Best Wahoo Sea Witches

Pear Mylar Sea Witches

Couple Special One’s Wahoo Lures 

Are you a beginner wahoo fisherman looking for that one special tip to help you land the big first big wahoo? Look no further—Freddy has agreed to share some of his secret wahoo lures he custom makes for clients that target big wahoo. 

The Baby Mahi

This sea witch goes by the name “Baby Mahi.” So when ordering directly from him, mention that you want the “Baby Mahi” color combination. This sea witch is an excellent choice for those who want something subtle but still effective. It looks like a small mahi-mahi pattern and can help draw in wahoo like nothing else! 

The Best Wahoo Sea Witch Guide

Baby Mahi

The Bonito 

This sea witch Freddy says he likes to fish when the bonito are around. Its one of the most effective colors when targeting wahoo when the fish are actively feeding on bonito, so if you want a wahoo strike that will shake your boat, consider giving this one a try. 

The Best Wahoo Sea Witch Guide



How to Order From Freddy Collins Sea Witches

Freddy does not have a website so you can order through Instagram and Facebook, his user name is Freddy Collins or you may contact him directly at 772-647-1054. His customer service is awesome.


Wahoo fishing can be an opportunity for growth and success for those passionate about the sport. That’s undoubtedly true for Freddy Collins, who has dedicated most of his life to perfecting his craft and helping others do the same through sharing his expertise with anglers worldwide – even while recovering from health issues in a hospital bed! His story inspires people everywhere looking for ways to turn their hobbies into something more meaningful and rewarding, proving that anything is possible if you put your heart into it! 

If your looking to catch more wahoo on consistent basis check out my other blogs. Included are very hard to find secret wahoo fishing tips.

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