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    • What are you going to get? Lots of tips, conversations with other anglers and/or clients, fishing topics such as weather, gear reviews and even mistakes.
    • When? Every week depending on my schedule (and it’s Free). Also keep in touch with me for my blog updates as they will provide a lot of valuable information to help you improve on the water. They may also have gear and product reviews.
    • Why? Why not- Fishing is fun and quite frankly a necessary escape for a lot of anglers- me included.  My podcasts are meant to withstand so you can go back and listen and try tips again or quite frankly just have something else to listen.
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    • My goal is to help you, “Leave the small fish for the boat behind you.”

How to Catch Mutton Snappers Secret Tip Revealed

In this podcast I reveal one mutton snapper fishing tip that will put more mutton snappers in your fish box.I also teach you how to construct a formula using solar and lunar along with tides that will help you make the most out of your time on the water. Make sure to check out my new blog Solar and Lunar Fishing Secrets Revealed

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The Best Wahoo Fishing Lure Colors

When it comes to selecting wahoo lure colors, many anglers get overwhelmed. There are so many different colors to choose from, and it can be tough to know which one is the right one for the situation.  So the very first thing I recommend you learn is how to effectively “match the hatch.” 
If you’re looking to catch some wahoo on your next Islamorada fishing trip, you’ll need to know what baitfish wahoo are feeding on so you can effectively match the hatch. You will want to use lure colors that match their natural prey.

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How to Catch Wahoo with Live Bait

n this podcast I talk about how to catch Key Largo wahoo. Using an electric reel as downrigger to get baits down deep in the water column is one my favorite fishing techniques for target wahoo.   I use this type of set up for placing baits deep in the water column when targeting wahoo with live bait.  The best Key Largo and Islamorada fishing spots for wahoo  are the Bibb and the Duane wrecks at Molasses Reef located off Key Largo and the Eagle Wreck located off Islamorada. In my opinion the absolute best live baits for wahoo fishing are speedos and goggle eyes that are set deep in the water column using an electric reel as downrigger.

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