Key Largo Fishing Seasons

We specialize in offering nearshore reef fishing trips that provide the perfect opportunity for catching black groupers and mutton snapper. For those looking for the adrenaline rush of doing battle with fish like wahoo, mahi-mahi, sailfish, tuna, or even blue marlin we offer sportfishing charters for these fish as well.

Most of the year, the prolific waters off Key Largo, Islamorada, and Tavernier are home to various big game fish species. If you’re looking to catch multiple fish species, selecting the Florida Keys as a fishing destination vacation is the right choice. Islamorada and Key Largo offer world-class Atlantic sailfish, tuna wahoo, and snapper fishing during the winter. However, if you want to catch mahi-mahi, spring, summer, and early fall are considered the best months for targeting mahi-mahi in the Florida Keys.

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Islamorada Fishing Charters-Wahoo Fishing

Key Largo Fishing Charters-Wahoo Fishing

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Wahoo is a fall, winter, and springtime fishery. Wahoo can be very mysterious and hard to catch, but it is one of my specialties. Aside from the sportfish(wahoo, sailfish, tuna, and mahi-mahi), Key Largo and Islamorada offer world-class wreck and reef fishing for groupers, mutton snappers, yellowtail snappers, and more. The best times to target snappers and groupers in the Florida Keys are spring and summer months around the full and new moons.

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Islamorada Fishing Charters-Mutton Snapper Fishing

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It’s no wonder why Islamorada is considered the “Sportfishing Capital of the World.”