Client Reviews/Testimonials

Fishing with Captain Ryan Aboard the Good Karma I’ve been coming down to the Keys for years, and have fished with a number of guides over this time.  It was around 2012 when I first fished with Captain Ryan aboard the Good Karma, and he’s been my go to guide since.

During my recent trip to the keys I spent two days fishing with Capt. Ryan.  On our first day we were joined by my 12-year-old daughter, and on the second it was just Capt. Ryan and me.  One thing about fishing is that it affords plenty of time to talk.  One of the things Capt. Ryan and I talked about on the second day was those people whose positive can-do attitude and enthusiasm makes you want to be around them and have them on your team, or work group, or as a friend.  During this conversation I commented that that was one of the reason’s we like to fish Capt. Ryan – because he’s one of those people.  I went on to share with him the others reason we like to fish with him – here’s the gist of what I shared with him; Offshore fishing charters for pelagic and reef/bottom fish can be expensive – often involving large boats that consume lots of gas and include one or more mates.  As a result, it might be necessary to opt for a walk-on charter or head boat, or worse, not go fishing (!).  Capt. Ryan and the Good Karma make offshore fishing affordable, and allow me to spend my day fishing with my family instead of a group of strangers.

Although cost is important, you can’t put a price tag on safety.  Capt. Ryan puts your safety ahead of making a buck – and would rather not go out then to go out in iffy conditions.  He takes this a step further, and considers not only can the trip be made safely, but can it be made enjoyably.  When it can’t, he talks to you about it, and does all he can to find options so that he can get you out fishing during your trip to the Key’s under conditions to favor a safe and enjoyable trip.  While not one of the larger offshore boats, the Good Karma is a well maintained, sea worthy vessel, equipped with modern electronics and rigged not only for safety and comfort.

My trips to the Keys are our family vacation, and are my chance to spend quality time with my family and connect with them.  In keeping with this, it’s important to me to be able to include them in my days spent fishing.  I think my daughter goes fishing with us to catch up with Capt. Ryan and fill him in on what she’s been up to for the past year as much as she does to catch fish.  Capt. Ryan creates a family friendly environment, and caters to kids and adults of all experience levels – letting the whole family experience the wonders of the ocean – from the turtles, flying fish, birds and porpoise to the fish we catch.   And if you think you get excited when your kid catches a fish – you’ll find it challenging to express that excitement more than Capt. Ryan does.

And catch fish you will.  We’ve had days where we’ve caught more, and fewer days where we’ve caught less – but we invariably always catch fish.  Capt. Ryan is one of those charter captains who goes fishing on their day’s off.  He’s constantly adapting and refining techniques over the range of species that Key’s afford.  We’ve fished for Yellow Tail and Mutton Sappers using chum, oats and sand balls, we’ve fished deep wrecks using cut bait, we’ve slow trolled live bait for Wahoo and Sailfish using big feisty goggle eyes, we’ve speed trolled for Wahoo and Blackfin, and we’ve pulled skirted ballyhoo and chased frigate birds in pursuit of dolphin.  Every year he surprises me with the new techniques he’s deploying.

Last, but not least, he’s a nice guy who’s a pleasure to spend a day with – and who truly wants you to catch fish, likely even more than you do.

Jeff from VT

I’ve been fishing all my life so when I came to the Key Largo a for the first time I knew I couldn’t leave without doing some fishing. I chose Capt. Ryan based on a recommendation from a local tackle shop and not only did he put me on the fish, we had an excellent time as well. He has excellent knowledge of the fishery, a great feel for changing conditions and the ability to put the two together to make things happen. If your planning on fishing the Keys give Capt. Ryan a call I fish with him every time I visit the Keys. He is a good fisherman and a great guy!

Scott from NY

Capt. Ryan is truly are a remarkable charter captain, this was my second charter with him. This time around I brought my long time friends for a guys weekend. I consider Capt. Ryan the “King of the Snapper Fishing” as his techniques are something you will not on Sportfishing T.V show or magazine, best yet he will teach you every detail about his style of fishing during the trip. On this trip my friends and I caught a box full of quality Mutton Snappers. Ryan made it easy using ultra light rods matched with the best reels on the planet! Would highly recommend him for those wanting to target big groupers and snappers. We will be back for Grouper season!

Marcos from Miami

I’ve fished in the Keys for 30+ years with lots of captains on many boats and can say that Capt. Ryan is the very best bottom fishing guide I’ve ever fished with. On top of that, he is a pleasure to fish with. Keep up the great work Ryan!


Wiley Wright from Annapolis Maryland