Coming off a very windy week in the Florida Keys. The wind this winter has been fierce, but I  have been doing my absolute best to get clients out fishing when the weather allows. Business as usual for me in the Florida Keys.

The dolphin(Mahi Mahi) will be showing in the Florida Keys over the next few weeks, but nothing to get excited about just yet.  This time of year they are “here one day and gone the next” . Miami, Bahamas, NC and SC will see the best Dolphin fishing this time year, then the Florida Keys will follow. It is just how the migrations work,  but that is all subject to change based on spring weather and late season cold fronts.

Florida Keys Dolphin Fishing Migration. Learn how to Dolphin Migrate through the Florida Keys.

Mahi Mahi can travel 125 miles or more in one day. Think of the Gulf Stream current as a ground floor escalator in airport that is moving north at 5 miles per hour and you are running on that escalator to get to your terminal, you feel like you are superman(laughing). That is exactly how Mahi Mahi migrate north.

Photo Credit Dolphin Research Program

We started seeing large song bird migrations at night on the weather radars in Key West, which means the start of the Mahi Mahi migrations.  Mahi Mahi are like birds(North for the Summer and South for the Winter). A lot of the fish we see in the Florida Keys winter in Puerto Rico. Check out the tagging studies below.

Remember Mahi Mahi are not on our schedule. The migration patterns are changing every year. There are never any guarantees when it comes to dolphin fishing. Check out this tagging study below by the Dolphin Research Program. In 2019 the big Mahi Mahi showed up in late July/August.

Photo Credit Dolphin Research

For more information about the dolphin migrations check back frequently as I will be talking more about this in the future. This time of year I am running mostly half day charters due to short weather windows. I want make the most out of my clients fishing time so we are bottom fishing for Mutton Snappers and catching a good variety of other fish. The Yellowtail Snapper fishing was slow last week. We need the water to warm up a few more degrees to get the spawn fired up. Fishing was a little challenging last week but I managed to put my clients on some nice fish on half day charters. If you want to see what I am doing on a daily basis please follow me on Instagram, my user name is goodkarmasportfishing_fl_keys.  Few Sailfish being caught, but nothing to get excited about. Last week during when the wind was blowing 20 plus miles per hour the BlueFin Tuna swam through the Florida Keys. These fish are off limits for harvest, but still fun to see.  Thanks for checking out this weeks fishing report. Capt. Ryan