How to Spool Fishing Reel using a Truck Tire

Re-spooling top shots of line takes up a considerable amount of time especially when I am operating multiple days. It is an absolute must to keep uniform tension on the line when re-spooling fishing reels and it nearly impossible to do this when you use a fishing buddy or a cheap instagram/facebook re-spool gadget.  I use the The Jay Jigs Bees Knees Line Spooler and my Land Rover truck tire as my fishing mate to help with the process of re-spooling line.

This manual reel spooler, in my opinion is the best way to pack reels full of line with smooth pressure.

  • Stainless steel and aluminum construction
  • Accommodates all spools up to 200mm long and 300mm diameter

The Jays Jigs Bee Knees Line spooler can be mounted on a work bench or is sold with an attachment so it can be mounted on a boat.

  I use my Land Rover Tires as the attachment for spooling line at home in Key Largo and at the Tavernier Creek Marina See the video below. It

The Jays Jigs Bees knees line spooler has precise tension adjustments is very adjustable for light mono to heavy braided line and it is perfect re-spooling tool for re-spooling you down down riggers with wire and braid. 

I purchased the Jays Jigs Bee Knees Line spooler from tackle for $149.99.