Key Largo fishing aboard Good Karma has been pretty good of late. I have been booked everyday this month, but I had a few cancelations because of weather. If you are planning on fishing with me this winter and spring please book ahead.

I have a solid regular client base that visits me in December both from out of state and from South Florida. December pounded the Florida Keys with our version of winter. This will be our first winter without the influence of a “El Nino” or “La Nina” in several years, which means we are going to see a “Keys Winter”. Water temperatures outside the reef are hovering around 76 F, when this happens fish tend to push deeper in the water column on colder days. January is a live bait fishery for me as I do very little speed trolling, the fish do not respond very well to trolling when the water temperatures are in the low to mid 70’s.

This month I will be live bait fishing outside the edge of the reef using Goggle Eyes, live ballyhoo and pilchards. Live Ballyhoo are the best bait for Sailfish in the Florida Keys especially in the early winter. If you are looking only for reef fish, then we can do a little deep dropping Yellow Eye Snappers and Vermilion Snappers. The Yellowtail Snapper will shut down completely very soon outside the reef as they always do in the winter. Typically I do not target Yellowtail Snapper much in the winter months, but every year I figure out new techniques for getting cold weather fish to eat. This is the part I really love about my job as fishing guide. Nothing is written in stone and it is best to always keep an open mind.

The inside patch reefs in January can be good for  Mutton Snappers and smaller Yellowtail Snappers with a few Porgies and Mackerel mixed in. The Mangrove Snappers might be around as well.  Great action for kids and families looking to have fun. In my opinion the action on the patch reefs is the ultimate in Florida Keys fun fishing!  The action on the patch reefs is 10X times better than fishing the Gulf of Mexico or the BackCountry, not to mention the ride is only 10 minutes vs. 60-90 minutes. Our Seakeeper provides the ultimate fishing experience for families with younger kids that are looking for a fun day on the water without a long haul. I work hard to give you the fishing time you are paying for. Also I do not fish the crowded bridges.  We are fishing small coral heads without the cars and trucks buzzing over the bridges. Before I take you patch reef fishing I will talk to you in depth about it and get your approval, before doing so. I do not believe in baiting and switching you into a charter on a windy day. Contact me for details.

This will be my last fishing report of 2019. To get updates please follow me on instagram at goodkarmasportfishing_fl_keys and make sure to get caught up on my podcast series. Thank you to all those that fished with me in 2019! Melinda and I wish you all very Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!

Until next year, sharpen them hooks, tighten them drags for skull hooking them big Wahoo and most importantly remember “Anytime you’re Fishing it is all Good!

Capt. Ryan