In this podcast I provide you with tips and tricks for fighting a big fish.   Remember, the longer you fight a big fish the more of a chance it has to get off. The tips I provide will help take the learning curve out of your charter fishing experience.   When you hook a big fish you will be mentally prepared if you have taken the time to learn the basic fundamentals before the fishing trip. This podcast provides you with the basics.

Fishing Reel Drag

The fishing reel drag is a break system, it slows the fish down. The lever is used to apply drag that works similar to a car brake peddle. The further the angler pushes the lever up or forward the more pressure is applied to the fish. If the lever is moved down the less pressure is applied. The angler needs to remember that as the line is coming off the reel spool, the drag is slowing the fish down and he will eventually come to stop.

Do not Reel Against the Drag-Only Bad Things Can Happen

Only bad things can happen when you reel against the drag. Just let the fish run. You are accomplishing nothing when you reel against the drag. The fish will eventually break the line or you will pull the hook out of his mouth. Think of it like this, only bad things can happen when you drive with your parking break on or when you slam on the breaks when you are doing 100MPH.

The podcast details other fish fighting tips and tricks that I teach clients when they fish with me aboard Good Karma.

Bonus Show Notes Tips

Strikeline Charts HD Maps Update

Listeners have requested more examples of the Stikeline Charts HD Maps, so here it is.  I have been using the charts now for about 3 weeks and I am very impressed. Here is another example of the chart image. The level of detail is very nice! If you are looking to find some spots in the Gulf of Mexico you should check it out! I was very impressed with the companies customer service as well.

strike fishing charts

Duck Key Patch Reefs Strikline Charts HD Map Example


How to Catch Wahoo Episode 003-Updated

I received many questions about how I run a planer at high speeds. The listeners were asking for detailed instructions so as requested I just recently posted a a detailed video and picture of my actually planer set-up that I use for my listeners to copy. This podcast was one of the very first I did so as time allows I will continue to update show notes with more fishing tips and tricks as thank you for listening.