In this episode I talk about the dreaded sharks.  A completely controversial topic. (And you can tell from the sound of my voice in this one it was more sensitive to record).  Catching them and killing them is taboo.  But they are overpopulated and can be a danger…let alone an imbalance to the eco system as we fish for other fish but not for sharks.  Then on top of it some clients love to fish for sharks which then can cause damage to gear or even your boat.

This episode is more story than technical:

My personal Shark experiences in them taking over my spots

  • How it’s happening
  • How it’s affects my charters
  • Eco System Needs Balance
  • What is a solution?

As always I really welcome any comments or feedback.  I encourage discussion.  Not everyone agrees with everyone- its what makes the world go round.  Thanks for listening!

Most important just remember – Anytime you are fishing- It’s all Good.