How to find the best fishing products on Instagram

In this Episode I talked about products that I have found on Social Media that work. I teach you how to analyze “insta-famous” products for authenticity.  Meaning can the owner back his product up by catching fish on it consistently. I also teach you how to avoid being be duped by the spammers/influencers/youtubers who sell themselves too companies on how much influence they may or may not have, were in the age of “fake followers” and “paid followers”.  Do not get fooled.  I am not a fan of spammers.  In fact recently I backed off posting daily on instagram as felt the content I was creating was looking like “spam”.  Nor will I use “click bait” to get you to watch a Youtube video.  I am committed to giving my listeners content that can help them become better fisherman.  They will also learn a little more about my fishing charter operation in the Florida Keys. I talk in depth about a product I just recently had success with called Baitstrips, artificial bonito strips and  I also talk briefly about the Ballyhoop . This seems to be getting a lot of attention of late and making the rounds on Youtube and Instagram. One thing I find very funny about the Ballyhoop is that this product is a “Hoop net”, hoop nets have been around for years.  I talk briefly about my experience with using the Ballyhoop on a recent charter and give you my honest opinion about the product. I will do an in depth review on the product later podcast.