Catch wahoo anywhere in the world with this fishing lure.

The “Good Karma Daisy Chain”


3-Hookless Teasers: Boon Bait Dusters: 3” Pearl Duster Silver Mylar 3/4 oz baits.

Cost: $3.12

1-Chase Bait with Hook: Pearl Baby: C&H Pearl Baby 3/4 oz. This pearl color has been my go to color for years. It catches on the tough days when I need to put meat in box. You can also use the Pink Pearl Baby as well, works just as good.

Cost: $2.99

Pack of Bait Strips: Early this year I started adding Bait Strips. You have to try this rig out with Bait Strips.

Bait Strips:(For Targeting Wahoo) Top it off with a Double Rigged #7 hook with a 8 inch Bait Strip. The double hook will help prevent the wahoo from biting through the line. It works!

Link to the Bait Strips(8″ inch)

Cost: 9.99 (Pack of 6)

Line: Rig with 40lb. or 50lb. fluorocarbon line,  I will drop down to 25lb. or 30lb. fluorocarbon if the bite is tough.

And as far as terminal rigging this set up and hooks, I am leaving that up to you. You can email contact me for the specifics or just give me a call.

So, you’re probably thinking what makes this bait so special right? As I would ask myself that question as well.  Well just rig one and put it in the water alongside your boat on a sunny day in your marina before you head out, then you will see the big picture.

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