This week I talk about the AtlasTrax mini tracker and how it has allowed me optimize my performance on the water which has resulted in more fish caught for clients. 

AtlasTrax provides equipment and services to track your location. The GPS System keeps you connected with voice, data, and internet. AtlasTrax provides equipment and services for boats of all sizes and types on its proven boat tracking and monitoring system. 

AtlasTrax is not only an awesome boat security device but it can also be the used to create the ultimate electronic fishing log book database that will bring you a return on investment overtime with more time spent catching fish rather than fishing for them. It can also be used as a tool to find new fishing spots using its Google Earth Satellite imagery overlays.  

    • Great size- 3×2 inches
    • Waterproof
    • Runs off of portable or battery power but it can also be hard wired off a 12 Volt Power cable
    • No antenna required so its covert
    • Easy to install

The MiniTrax unit (this is what I have) costs $514.00 and the message package will cost you $365.00 annually.  Total with shipping is $894.00.  Their website is  Give Carolyn Stash a call at 954-465-3743 when you speak to her let her know that you found out about the AtlasTrax from Capt. Ryan in Florida Keys through the Good Karma Sportfishing Podcast.